The Pinery Boys

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Journey back in time with these historical "edu-tainers" in an interactive, educational, musical theatre performance where you will hear authentic, "a-capella" logging-era music sung in four-part harmony. Beginning in the early 1800's, America began to grow by leaps and bounds. The new expansion required huge amounts of timber for the building of homes, cities and businesses all across the country. The wood was provided by lumberjacks working feverishly to harvest the white pine of the northern forests of North America. Like the Cowboy and the Voyageur, being a Lumberjack became a way of life with a code of ethics and a folk song repertoire of its own that embodies the lives and times of those rough and tumble workers. It is these songs that form the basis of this entertaining historical overview of the logging era. Song lyrics reflect the dreams, joys, sorrows, work and play of the everyday life of the logging camps. The performance also includes dialogue, skits, slide images and period costumes which help complete this vivid picture of the hard-working lumberjacks. The Pinery Boys have been singing together since 1976. The group consists of (left to right in the photo above) Grant Herman, Tom Yost, Gary Hecimovich, Tom Draughon, and Ron Hobart. Performing at restored theatres and opera houses, dinner lecture series, festivals and rendezvous with their latest CD, "Big Men, Big Trees", The Pinery Boys have a fully scripted slide show presentation with a large rear projection slide screen for your enjoyment. The show is approximately an hour long and has 129 slide images. Other scenarios include a shorter slide show for school audiences and mainstage festival concerts.

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Dates Available: Year Round
Full Multimedia Performance $3,500
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  1. The Lumberman's Alphabet
  2. The Driver's Song
  3. The Frozen Logger
  4. The Jam on Jerry's Rocks
  5. The Raftsman's Song

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