Digital Music Downloads
Digital Music Downloads!
This page will allow you to access all sound files from all of Heartistry Music's CDs
in MP3, and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) formats. (FLAC coming soon!)
All files are completely free of copy protection (DRM) and may be played unlimited times.
Clicking on an album cover will take you to a download page with that album's files.
Thank you for supporting independent artists!!

Kids on The Mountain
Tom Draughon
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
The Fox
Take 3
Second Wind
Tom Draughon
Eternal Journey
Big Men, Big Trees
The Pinery Boys
Bien Travailler
Sons of the Voyageur
Canot d'écorce
Sons of the Voyageur
This Round's for You
Sons of the Voyageur
and ThePinery Boys
Reservation Reflections
  Season of Delight
Tom Draughon
and Laura Berlage
Frenchmen Street
Joel Glickman
Bentley Brehm
These Digital Downloads are by artists who are no longer affiliated with Heartistry Music.
But their music is still great! We wish them well in their new endeavors.
In some cases, the files may still be available on the Heartistry Music website.
In others, the cover images link to that artist's most current sales page.
Ever Since You Went Away
Joel Glickman
Live Ashland Folk Fest
Wold Oats
Nothing As It Seems
John Bowman
Legends of the Troubadours
Laura Berlage
Bardic Memories
Laura Berlage

More About MP3s

Our MP3s are encoded at 128 - 320kpbs CD Transparent Audio Quality. A 3.5 minute song may average 4 - 5 Mb and take approximately 20 - 30 seconds to load over a high speed internet connection, or possibly 30 minutes over a 56K phone line. If you still use a 56K modem we recommend that you purchase the CD, then "rip" it yourself to MP3. For more information on MP3s click here. Heartistry Music strives for the highest possible audio quality in all of its CD products. MP3 format is a way of removing "unnecessary" digital information from a music file so that it takes up much less space on a computer or on a player such as an iPod. This "unnecessary" digital data often includes some audio data. Therefore, the smaller you make the file, the less the audio quality will be. The process of converting CD Music files (.wav or .aiff) to MP3 is called "ripping". Windows Media Player, iTunes, MusicMatch Jukebox, and Real Player, etc., have ripping capability built into their programs. With MP3 and other audio formats it is "Quality vs. Quantity". MP3s can be ripped different "bit rates" varying from 64Kbps (kilobytes per second) to 320Kbps and even higher. The higher the number, the better the audio quality and the larger the file. So, if you want 20,000 songs on your iPod you may be happy with a lower bit rate. If you don't need 20,000 songs and want better sound quality, a higher bit rate may be your preference. Also, the larger the file, the more time it will take to download.

Our MP3 files are ripped at 160Kbps "CD Transparent Audio" quality. If you are listening to an iPod or similar player through small headphones, or even through average computer speakers or an iPod "dock", you probably won't notice any difference between a 64 Kbps file and a 260Kbps file. If you are an "audiophile" listener and prefer to hear your music through well designed speaker systems or "studio reference monitor" headphones such as AKG 240df, you should probably get the hard copy CD. This will also allow you the option of ripping MP3s from the CD at any bit rate you want.

We hope you enjoy our MP3s.

Thank you for supporting independent artists at Heartistry Music!

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