The Sons of the Voyageur
This Round's For You

Favorite songs of the Pinery Boys and Les Fils du Voyageur. Sung a capella by Les fils du voyageur (The Sons of the Voyageur) and their alter ego, The Pinery Boys.
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Table of Contents

  1. Aupres de ma blonde

  2. Only On "This Round's For You"
  3. Fringue! Fringue!

  4. From "Canot d'écorce"
  5. The Raftsmen's Song

  6. From "Big Men, Big Trees"
  7. Monsieur le curé

  8. From "Bien travailler"
  9. Gai lon la

  10. From "Canot d'écorce"
  11. So Early In The Morning

  12. From "Big Men, Big Trees"
  13. Alouette

  14. Only On "This Round's For You"
  15. En montant la rivière

  16. From "Bien travailler"
  17. I Yus Don Give A Hoot

  18. Only On "This Round's For You"
  19. When The Shanty Boy Comes Down

  20. From "Big Men, Big Trees"
  21. A la claire fontaine

  22. From "Canot d'écorce"
  23. Tourterelle

  24. From "Canot d'écorce"
  25. The Driver's Song

  26. From "Big Men, Big Trees"
  27. Ma bouteille m'est fidèle

  28. From "Bien travailler"
  29. Red Light Saloon

  30. From "Big Men, Big Trees"
  31. The Bundle of Old Love Letters

  32. From "Big Men, Big Trees"
  33. The Voyageur / Un voyageur errant

  34. Only On "This Round's For You"
This Round's For You Album Cover